“Don’t focus on the multitude that cares less about the difference that you are making in this worldfocus on the faithful few who sees and appreciates the difference that you are making in this world.” –Yolanda Marshall Nickerson

 Stay Encouraged! Stay Motivated! Stay Close To God!

Yolanda Marshall-Nickerson is an author, motivational speaker and evangelist. Yolanda is a native of Birmingham, Alabama.  She is married to Apostle Larry Nickerson, leader of In God We Trust Ministries in Birmingham, Alabama. She is the sixth of 13 siblings and the mother of 6, two of which she gave birth to. She is the proud grandmother of two.She loves her family. 

Yolanda holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Faulkner University, a Master's Degree in Management from Troy University and a Master's Degree in Accounting from Strayer University.

Yolanda is the owner of V2V Gems in the Making, LLC, a small business that aims to enhance the lives of  girls and women. She is also the owner of Glimpse of Glory Christian Book Publishing. 

Yolanda is the author of From Victim to Virtuous, From Victim to Virtuous for Teengirls...I Hurt, too., and From Victim to Virtuous for Little Girls...Does anyone hear my cry? These are all self-help, empowering, life-changing books for girls and women who are struggling mentally, emotionally, socially or spiritually. She has written several other inspirational books, too. 

Yolanda is one who inspires and encourages from a heart of compassion, and she demonstrates the love of God  while speaking to her audience. She has spoken at numerous women's conferences, network meetings/luncheons, revivals, girls' detention centers, non profit organizations, senior citizens and retirement centers, etc.  She has touched and made a difference in so many lives. She believes that her commitment to serving God is by serving others.